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Picture a memorable teacher. They’re always available, but rarely get 10 minutes to themselves during the day. They stretch their limited classroom budget, and supplement class supplies with their hard-earned dollars. They stay up late grading stacks of papers, yet worry about their retirement plans as they commute to work the next morning.

Through Encompass, that worry doesn’t have to be a reality.

Pension Analysis

Take a look at your future and the potential for a more secure retirement.

Serving Those
Who Serve Others

They may be first responders, like police officers and firemen, or they may be planners and engineers, who oversee the day-to-day of local government. Either way, they need the means to plan and care for their future. Encompass offers financial options for municipal employees.


We have a number of services available to help you work toward a more secure and stable financial future.

How We Serve

What We Offer

Whether through an established plan or customized strategy, Encompass provides the flexibility of building a retirement roadmap that could be both realistic and financially rewarding.

In Addition to our Encompass platform, we have relationships with other financial institutions to offer a variety of financial options:

  • Fidelity Investments
  • Schwab
  • Pentegra
  • Aspire
  • TD Ameritrade

Encompass More is not affiliated with these companies but we offer our services on each of their platforms.

Employer Plans

As an administrator, we want you to spend more time with things that matter most and less time in the minutiae of financial decisions. We’re here to assist in these areas:

  • Employer Plan audits
  • Vendor & investment selections
  • Third-party plan administrations
  • Supplemental benefits
  • Section 125 providers

Where appropriate, we consult with the employer to connect them with a specialized expert in the pertinent field.

Employee Plans

We help educators and municipal employees by crafting and customizing their financial roadmap with these and other choices:

  • State pension analysis
  • Beneficiary option selection
  • Risk tolerance analysis
  • Investment strategy
  • Fee audits for current portfolios, vendor and product selection.

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